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Emotions Mastery

  • 12Weeks
  • 19Steps
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10 Steps to Master Your Emotions. Online Self-paced Course. It has limited access for 12 weeks. This is for you: - If you easily get upset and struggle to control your emotions; - If you blame others for everything going on wrong in your life; - If you struggle to manage your emotions and it is impacting your life; - If you are ready to be in control of your emotions; - If you are ready to deal with your triggers; - If you are willing to challenge yourself; - If you do not want other people’s emotions to affect your emotions. This Course will provide you with insights on managing your emotions and make them work for you. The Course comprise of 8 Modules. Within which are 10 Steps to master your emotions: - Identity your emotions - Beliefs Around Love - Beliefs Around Fear - Expose the Emotions - Clarify what you want - Habit Change - Myths About Emotions - Examine your thoughts - Problem solving - Mindful Awe You have have - 8 amazing Modules - 10 Steps with study exercises for practice - 8 learning Videos - 7 Meditation videos - 3 Mindful Awe exercises - 1-1 coaching on week 2 and week 6 for 20 minutes each - Join a community of like minded individuals to share and grow exponentially.

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