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I Am Truly Me

Purpose-driven Self-Discovery and Mindset.  It uncovers negative thinking, beliefs and mindset; challenge and develop alternatives beliefs and mindset for growth; and develop mental fitness what will improve your capacity to respond to life’s challenges with a positive mindset.  

What you will learn:

- Your story;

- Get clarity;

- Self-identity;

- Belief systems;

- Awareness of emotions;

- Mindsets;

- Create and measure change.

Weekly Breakdown

Week 1

What Is Holding You Back from Creating Change?


Your current situation is familiar that you consider it to be your ‘comfort zone’.  It is uncomfortable, damaging and you feel stuck. 

You may resist change for various reasons. Fear holds you back from stepping into unfamiliar territory.

You may decide to change when you reach ‘breaking point’ or ‘rock bottom’.


- Identify and prioritise your human needs

- Identify where you are stuck

- Break the Cycle

Week 2

The Hero or Shero’s story

Our imperfections and weirdness make everyone is unique and special. You tell yourself stories that have deeper meanings.


At any point in your life, you may experience challenges.  You may have multiple challenges.  Identify them separately to determine if there are common patterns. 


- Write your story from your earlier childhood memories

- Look inward and explore

Week 3

Get Clarity and Set Goals

Explore what you REALLY want. This is separate from the expectations of your significant others.

Even when they had dreams and desires in the past, their live experiences have made them to belief those are not possible and they stop themselves to want it, they give up.


- What You Do NOT Want

- Get more specific: What do I want? and Why do I want it?

- Determine your goals

Week 4

Who do I really want to be?


You play different ‘roles’ in life.  This can get mixed up as they are interconnected with each other.  There are two main roles are career and relationships.


- Who truly am I versus who am I being

- Examine your career

- Examine your relationships

Week 5


C. G. Jung, a psychologist used the word “archetype” that are narrative patterns that exist within the human psyche. An archetype is the core of your personality and is influenced both by your in-born nature and your life experiences.

Your core archetypes can change over your lifetime.

- What is your identity

- Determining your life purpose

- Become your best self

Week 6

Belief systems

We assign meaning to life events from past experiences. Three irrational beliefs at the core of suffering and pain and suffering.


Beliefs are internal rules that we have for how we, others, and the world “should” behave. We are not aware that we have these beliefs and when we do catch ourselves thinking these things, we don’t question them.

The 3 irrational beliefs and how you can identify these beliefs when they are activated within you – approval, judgement, and comfort.


- Question your beliefs and excuses

- Changing your beliefs

Week 7

Develop Awareness of Emotions


To regain inner power, direct your own emotional state:

Notice the physiological “feelings” or ‘body reactions’ (State) and the psychological interpretation or “label” (Emotions) you experience. Situation → Interpretation (thought) → State → Interpretation (label) → Emotion.


- Identifying emotions

- Practicing Emotional Awareness and Identification

Week 8

Developing Growth Mindset


Your mindset is a set of beliefs that shape how you make sense of yourself, others and the world. It influences how you think, feel, and behave in any given situation.

Your limiting mindsets is developed from past experiences of scarcity

Overcome your fears and strive for abundance.  There is abundance in the universe or world for everyone.  Developed a growth mindset to achieve long term goals.


- Fixed mindset versus Growth mindset

- Mindset Assessment, Awareness, Perspective and Action

Week 9

Reframing Your Thoughts


The story you create is not what happened in your life.  Rather it is how you interpreted your experiences that can either empower or disempower you.

Barriers stops you from taking the necessary actions to improve your situations. When you develop fear, your mental processes is focused on negative or bad experiences whilst ignoring the successes and strengths.


- Find your Silver Lining

- Identify Possible Blocks

Week 10

Creating Change


Develop confidence, uncover quality problem, the power of pain and pleasure, forgiveness, overcome indecision, autopilot, and being stuck.  Empower your vision of the Hero or Shero’s Journey. 


- Set long and short-term goals – SMART;

- Measure your milestones;

- The change resume;

- The drive

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