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IATM Standard Membership

IATM stands for I Am Truly Me.

This is membership for Clarify Thy Uniqueness Ltd which supports highly motivated individuals in their transformation journey to self-discovery.  It provides tools for self-awareness and mindset development.


You have 24/7 access to videos and articles that you can watch and read in your own time; watch over again when you need to in the comfort of your home, your sofa, your garden, at the beach or anywhere with internet access.


New videos and articles are released every month.  This will help you in your transformation journey by using different techniques and strategies to differentiate what you do not want in your life from what you want.  This gives you clarity on what you want.  You work on your goals to be your true self to experience happiness and manage life’s challenges with a positive mindset.



Access to videos and articles anytime to help you rediscover your true self, recreate your future to align with your purpose.


… lots more to come each month, on topics decided by members.

24 hour access to a Private FaceBook group.

FaceBook Live Weekly Discovery Tips on Wednesdays.


Monthly workshop – 2nd Tuesday of each month

We combine some learning time on important topics to help members remember and embrace certain aspects of themselves they might have forgotten.


Videos and articles that are easy to digest and will lead to positive change and growth.


Affordable pricing


It is inclusive and supportive


New contents are added regularly.  Members decide the topics to cover for the upcoming months.


No contract at all – you can opt out at any time. The value and content is one that you will change your life.


Take advantage – and hope to see you there – IATM.


IATM - £10 per month


AND there is an exclusive option with additional features.


Choose a membership that suits you best – either this IATM or IATMx


Join us by clicking on SIGN UP NOW – and we’ll see you there.


Clarify Thy Uniqueness Ltd


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