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Bearing others pain

How much of other people’s pain do you bear before realising its weight on you?

Source: Wix

We do the jobs we ‘think’ we are passionate about – to help people. We bear their pain disregarding ours. There are reasons to any action we choose to take.

What are your reasons for choosing to bear other people’s pain in the job that you do?

👉Is it the satisfaction (reinforcement) you get from relieving others of their pain?

👉Is it where you feel superior to exercise ‘power’ and ‘leadership’ over others?

👉Is it your desire to fuel your ego on the important role you play in the society?

👉Is it where you hide behind external power because your internal power is so weak?

👉Is it a coping strategy to escape your responsibilities from home and society?

👉Is it to get money to fund your lifestyle and meet your needs?

👉Is it the influence from your friends, parents, and significant others?

👉Is it your desire to belong to a ‘social’ class to ‘fit in’?

👉Is it a pathway to achieving your ‘calling’ or ‘life purpose’?

These are just a few reasons and yours might not be included. Question yourself to understand ‘WHY’ you choose to bear other people’s pain.

It is common to follow the masses and copy what they do without reflecting on how that fits into your life journey and purpose.

According to Staff Squared blog, 85% of people worldwide hate their jobs. This is not surprising at all!

You might be reading this article and telling yourself that ‘I can’t belief I belong to the 85% of people who hate their jobs’. This realisation is a first step that prompts you to examine WHY you do the job you do; and what actions to take so bearing other people’s pain will feel you with achievement and accomplishment.

💥PS – If you haven’t figured out your WHY in bearing other people’s pain, then I need to have a conversation with you. 💥

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