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Being at cross-roads?

Have you ever got to the point where most things go in the opposite direction to where you want them to go?

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Well, that’s me now! I recognise this pattern too well and mostly I resist before accepting my pathway. Each time I get to this point the challenges are different, stronger, and bigger. The feeling is that of giving up. What motivates me to give it another go is my dream to help people.

From a young age, I wanted to be a pilot✈. Now, I am still a pilot with a twist. I transport people from a place of pain, loss, and confusion to their new destination of self-acceptance, happiness, and purposeful living🧘‍♂️.

I could have preferred not to have such experiences.

Upon reflection this would mean no progression in my life to move towards achieving my life purpose. I endure the challenges as they are learning opportunities to equip me with skills to deal with life complexities that lie ahead of me.

I limit distractions from external powers and focus on my inner strength. I seem to achieve what appears impossible. My ‘grit’ and ‘fighting warrior spirit’ gives me access to the special strengths that I didn’t even know I possessed until I need it. The strengths can be physical, mental, and emotional, depending on what I need.

I gain stability after all!

I know I am a Child of the Universe. Everything is working just the right way as it is meant to be. I am on track, at the right place, space, and time.

⚡Have you been at crossroads where you feel like giving up? What kept you going?⚡

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