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Choose Happiness over Fear

How long are you going to bury your head in the sand because you FEAR to make mistakes?

Source: Wix

What is that one dream you want to achieve in your life? Yet, you seem to have forgotten. You might have tried different solutions. What results did you get? What are the strategies that you want to try again? Are you ready to try new ones?

The starting point is to get clarity on what you want to achieve. Get focused on one thing rather than many other things at the same. This would increase the chances to succeed.

I knew I wanted to change my situation, but FEAR held me back. I used all sorts of excuses not to act, until I got to the point when everything went wrong. I had a choice to make, either to remain in the same situation and experience failure after failure or to act and change my situation. I was time to focus on my personal growth.

I got support from coaches and coaching communities where I learnt strategies and got rid of my fears. Now when I face new challenges, I don’t feel anxious, I take them as learning opportunities. Even when I do not get the expected results, I learn from the experience. You too can learn these strategies to better manage your fears and be the person you’ve always dreamt of.

The biggest mistake I made was that initially I tried to understand and solve my fears alone. This took me several years and I got minimal results. However, once I got a coach and coaching community, my change was drastic within a few months.

I have developed a program targeted to expose the sources of FEAR, the triggers, and strategies to manage fear. This is an online program that is purpose-driven for 3 months. It comprises of 1-1 coaching X 10 sessions. Each session lasts for 90mins. There is support in-between sessions by email, messages, and phone calls. There is a private Facebook group of like-minded people who discuss common issues in confidence.

** If that sounds like something you want right now to overcome your fears, then send me a message so we can have a conversation.**

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