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Does coaching even work?

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I have heard statements such as 👉‘I know what to do’, 👉‘I can fix my problems by myself’, 👉‘I don’t want someone telling me what to do’, and so on. Everyone has a right to their opinions and choices.

On the other hand, others including me would say 👂‘coaching has helped me to uncover my blind spots and blocks to tap into my inner power and be the person I am today’, 👂‘feel in control of what they do’, 👂‘feel more confident’, etc. People who have benefited from coaching may feel everyone can benefit from coaching. Again, it is their opinion.

There is the misconception that when people get to critical points or ‘rock bottom’ that’s when they get coaching. You can be doing very well in your general life and want to maximise your potentials to further improve on yourself.

When I decided to start my journey to change my situation, I was not aware of coaching. The first motivational speaker I came across was Lisa Nichols and I watched her YouTube videos repeatedly. Then I found other speakers like Les Brown, Tony Robbins, etc. During that time, I heard of coaching and could not afford to hire a coach. I attended workshops, webinars and engaged in challenges. I benefited from these as I knew help was available; my self-awareness was increasing, and I realised I had many blocks due to my limiting beliefs and scarcity mindset.

I completed a series of coaching programs. The support from other coaches and the coaching community has been phenomenal. 🙏♥ I have been able to overcome most of my mindset blocks and still working on others.

Now think of your situation and what areas you want to improve on. ✍Write them on a journal rather than keeping them in your head.

✋What is your coaching experience? Please share in the comment.✋

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