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Get Clarity!

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At initial 1-1 coaching sessions, most of my clients know that they want their current situations to change. However, they don’t think they deserve anything better despite knowing they have good qualities within them to make a difference in their situations.

They struggle to identify their particular needs. Rather it is easier to notice what they do not want, what other people expect of them and they feel selfish to think of their needs.

What is the guilt 🤦‍♀️, shame 😱 (#fear) 😨you are holding to that makes you belief you are not deserving?

Getting clarity 📅 is an important first step with my clients. When you know what you want even when you doubt how you will achieve it, it is easier to get focused.

I help you to separate the expectations from your significant others and think of what you really want.

You might have forgotten your dreams and desires. This stems from past negative experiences and your focus has been diverted. Fear, limiting beliefs and scarcity mindset seems to be reality where things appear impossible to achieve.

✔Your past does not define your future. You have a CHOICE!✔

Let go of the past and future. Focus on the present to identify what you really want and separate them from what you do not want.

Be very specific on WHAT you want and WHY you want it.

With my guidance you will determine the ACTIONS you need to take to achieve what you really want.

Start by being intentional, taking small steps, one task at a time.

💥PS – Do you want to get clarity on what you want in life? I am here to help you. Click on link on the comment below to find out more and book a call. 💥

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