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Questions like this seem to have one-word answers. However, it depends on your positioning. You could be objective, biased, optimistic, pessimistic …

For me, I go with YES and NO like a debate. I agree a ‘job’ is important and I disagree it is the most important thing?

YES because:

You spend a significant number of waking hours at work;

You get paid for your time and the services you offer;

You use the income to pay bills, meet personal and family obligations;

You feel a sense of comfort and security being productive;

You hide personal insecurities behind your job or position;

You rely on external powers by following processes and procedures;..;.

NO because

You spend many hours in a job you feel dissatisfied;

You help others but yourself;

This alters how you perceive yourself, others and the world;

Your behaviour impacts your health, relationships …;

You trade your health, time and value for a ‘token’;

You are undervalued and you doubt your worth;

Your individuality is suppressed, and you are categorised to ‘fit in a box’;

You have a choice to change jobs, but you remain with the familiar and brazing the discomfort;

When you are in poor health, your performance and productivity diminishes;

When you get off sick, you are replaced immediately;

The job can be replaced but what about your health? …

Reflecting on this, I realise how the society has conditioned us to think that our jobs are the most important.

How can you stay in a job you are dissatisfied with and only focus on the financial reward ‘wages’ or ‘salary’ regardless of many things such as your health, relationships with yourself, family, friends ...

I had this realisation that workers would agree to work requirements simply to keep their jobs. For instance, workers attend mandatory trainings to update their files and not necessarily that they engage to rip the benefits of such trainings.

This goes to show how unkind and dishonest some workers can be to themselves to believe that they are not deserving of better things. This mindset limits you from pursuing trainings for your personal growth and development that will help you remember your innate abilities and talents that you have forgotten.

Are you feeling unfulfilled in your job and not sure if your job is the most important thing or not? Then send me a message, let’s have a chat.

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