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When an event/situation happens, people have different interpretation of the same event.

The question is, ‘Why do people put different meanings to the same event/situation’?

An online article by #CindyDietrich on #InquiriesJournal states that this could be link to past experiences a variety of cognitive biases, an escalation of commitment or sunk outcomes, individual differences including age, socioeconomic status, beliefs that influence the decisions people make.

People make meaning or create a situation/event that is relevant only to them. If the event was significant with strong emotional ties, they decide and continuously remind themselves. Eventually, that story becomes their reality, and they live with it for several years. Without recognising and questioning themselves people are unable to get rid of the story they created in their heads.

NOTE the situation/event did happen, but what matters here is the story they CREATED about the situation.

When coaching, I help my clients by asking questions that go deep to uncover their beliefs. The common first reaction is disbelief about their belief systems, and some become defensive because they did not know they had such beliefs.

It is always great to help my clients identify their limiting beliefs, the impacts on their lives and work towards altering them.

Life is full of challenges and sometimes one may experience multiple challenges at the same time.

To make sense of the challenges;

👉Identify each challenge separately to determine if there are common patterns.

👉Look for answers within you rather than outside. You have all the answers to your problems.

👉Rewrite your story to what you want it to be.

Individuals are imperfect and weird and that makes everyone unique and special.

💥PS – What is that story that is draining you of your peace, joy and happiness? I am here if you need help. Send me a message let’s have a conversation.💥

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