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Does self-knowledge influence your measurement of success?

Source: Wix

Some people’s measurement of success is in relation to physical wealth. This could be inherited, earned from hard work, genuine means, fraudulently or by manipulating and extracting from others.

Other people measure success by their level of happiness, the impact and contribution they make to society to make the world a better place.

There is no distinction whether these two groups of people know or do not know themselves better than the other. These are personally determined.

I have been fascinated reading one of Gary Zukav’s books titled The Seat of the Soul. He distinguishes between the Personality and the Soul. The Personality is a detached part of the Soul. The five-sensory personality experiences fear and this prevents lights. This is the blind spots. The personality can perceive Life without reverence. Reverence is the perception of Soul and is a natural aspect of authentic empowerment because the Soul respects all of Life. When the Personality is aligned with the Soul, it can perceive Life with Reverence.

Whereas the Soul is an empowered multi-sensory personality that experiences unconditional love. The Soul can be confused and away from light, but it does not experience fear.

Gary went further to share that when the five-sensory personality makes money, they please the personality and when they lose money, they distress the personality, but they do not serve the higher self. They do not serve their spiritual growth.

Fear thus play a massive part on the personality and it limits us from taking actions to stand out and to fully explore our potentials. So measuring success would be on wealth or physical items.

On the other hand, the soul experiences unconditional love. It does not know fear since it is multi-sensory. When the soul experiences negative experiences, they are learning opportunities for growth and develop to achieving the higher self. Thus, their measurement of success would be the impact and contribution to the world and to live purposeful lives.

Growing up I believed that wealth equates happiness. Thus, wealth was a measurement of success.

I was puzzled knowing that some wealthy people were unhappy.

After decades of personal and professional experiences I came to understand the reality that wealth and happiness are very distinct. Being wealthy can be a measure of certain achievements.

Success is personally determined by the satisfaction one gets. When an equilibrium amongst the six human needs is achieved, then one aims for their higher self where happiness is boundless.

Happiness is the key to success!

To measure success, know your WHY. Ask what is driving you to do what you do.

What do you consider when measuring your success? Please share on the comment.

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