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Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Make a Choice to improve your current situation!

Source: Wix

When growing up, what messages did you receive about working hard?

You may be familiar with this scenario, or you know someone who is.

Our educational systems train and prepare us to work hard to make a living.

As a child you received messages from your parents and significant others that working hard is one of the most important things in life. They say it helps you to secure a brighter future of enjoyment, satisfaction, and stability.

In high school you got your first summer job and received lots of praises from your parents. You gave almost all your earnings to your parents to get the basic needs for the family. This information was passed on to you indirectly. You noticed tension between your parents whenever yourself or your siblings made requests that related to money.

Your process to intervene and support your family became very useful and satisfying. You internalised the message.

Now as an adult you secure a high-paying job. You support your family and feel proud of your achievements. However, to meet up with growing financial needs, you pick up extra shifts or multiple jobs. Slowly and surely, you struggle to relax and appreciate your achievements.

This significantly affects your feelings and emotions.

It impacts your relationship with yourself, others and how you relate to the world.


As a transformational coach, I will have conversations with you to identify the beliefs that do not support you around working hard. I will help you to alter your limiting mindset to gain a growth mindset to find joy and satisfaction in life.

PS – If you work hard, feel tense most times, and want to find peace and calm in your life, then send me a text. I would like to chat with you.

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