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When will this confusion be over?

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Thinking you know yourself too well from inside out. You manage stressful situations easily and your emotions are in check. You feel confident and interact with others comfortably. But then you encounter a situation that seems ‘common’ in our society, workplace or at home. For instance, being spoken to disrespectfully in the presence of others. Initially you feel upset and question yourself if you deserved that kind of treatment.

You decide to ignore the situation as it was a one-off incident or had happened just a few times. Without realising, you become selective of the people you interact with, being careful and mindful with what you say. Self-doubt creeps in and you become hyper-vigilant. It becomes easy to recognise and focus on the few things that did not go to plan while ignoring the numerous things that went right. Negative thoughts cloud your mind as confusion about yourself, others and the society increase.

Have yo thought of the daily things you engage in that can contribute to confusion?

Well, there are many causes and here are a few; sleep deprivation, stress, health issues, alcohol or drug intoxication, caffeine overdose, extreme heat, dehydration.

Confusion increases unhappiness, irritability, and other negative feelings that impacts on our relationships, careers, and daily living.

Confusion can be replaced by clarity, calmness, peace, calm or whatever you want to achieve. However, this will depend on how much pain you experience; whether you are ready to change; your willingness to challenge yourself and your beliefs.

Developing a self-care routine will be helpful. It may seem simple, yet difficult when you try doing it yourself. To maximise output, get someone who will support and hold you accountable for your actions.

What is/are your frequent occurrences that increase confusion?

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