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Desperate situations can force people to be desperate!

Desperate people can put themselves in desperate situations!

Source: Wix

Desperation is misery, lack of hope and when you think all is lost.

Desperate situations are critical, dangerous, and risky such as wars, natural disasters such as the coronavirus pandemic and its vices, poverty, and terminal illnesses. When you focus on the problem it does not offer solutions, rather it drains you of your energy. Whereas being optimistic, getting support and seeking solutions gives glimpses of hope.

When the situation is beyond human help and out of your control, accept the situation, look at life with different lenses for new discoveries, learnings, and meanings.

‘Life happens for us rather than to us’. Each experience offers learning opportunities for growth.

Focus on what you can control to instil a sense of hope, such as:

👉 understanding and accepting the situation;

👉surrender to your God, the Universe, or your Creator;

👉reconcile with your inner-most being;

👉keep calm and activate your inner powers.

On the other hand, people can become desperate due to not reaching crucial goals that are future directed. Desperation is often behind impatience, self-doubt, disconnect with oneself, poor decision making and impulses that accompany poor outcomes.

Desperation can be recognised by your behaviours of neediness/clinginess; attention seeking and drama; impulsivity; intense and uncomfortable feelings.

The situation you experience does not define you, however, your reactions do. This is because you have a choice to interpret and react to situations, as we live in the present.

No one can ‘force’ you to feel embarrassed or jealous unless you unconsciously decide to give them permission. You do not have to suffer for someone’s reaction because you can control your mind.

The emotions you experience are separate from you.

You cannot control people’s thoughts and perceptions about you even when you spend much time and energy trying to please them. Use your time and energy wisely for your personal growth.

Overcome your desperation by:

🚩 accept yourself and your situation;

🚩 learning about yourself;

🚩 focus on your inner powers;

🚩 reset yourself;

🚩 be flexible and try new solutions;

🚩 step away from desperate situations;

🚩 find a solution that works best for you, and

🚩 take appropriate actions

📢 PS – Do you feel desperate and need help? We are here for you. 📢

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