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Don’t get held back by FEAR!

Source: Wix

Knowing the exact direction to achieve a life dream can be tricky. There are distractions and diversions that increase confusion and loss of focus. I have tried many things. Some have been successful while others have been failures. Both successes and failures have contributed to my learning and knowing. I consider both experiences as gifts and they have increased my self-knowledge, my understanding of other people and how I relate with my environment.

During my journey of self-discovery, I was adamant to accept certain aspects of me. I resisted due to fear without realising that my beliefs held me back. I blamed others and situations for certain mishaps in my life while I accepted some. However, I realised that life is full of choices and sometimes it is easier to put the responsibility on others rather than holding oneself accountable.

Life offers learning opportunities all the time. Depending on how willing and open-minded you are, one can either learn, grow and develop or remain in the same situation without making any positive changes.

To limit societal influences on my life, I have learnt to scrutinise my being by questioning everything. This helped me to differentiate what comes from within me and what’s from the society. I have developed a good sense of myself and embraced my uniqueness.

You too can change your current situation to become the person you want to be. Don’t let FEAR hold you back any longer.

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