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Don’t remain a prisoner to yourself.!

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Do you experience regular negative feelings such as lost, trapped, stuck, confusion, unhappiness, rejection, unworthiness, not good enough, failure, dissatisfaction, not knowing who you are, and much more?

Well, this might come to you as a SURPRISE!

Has it dawned on your that you have imprisoned yourself due to the thoughts and negative stories you allow to run in your head?

Now you might question yourself how this is possible?

Some reasons for self-imprisonment include anger, blame, unforgiveness, worry, hatred, resentment, fear, living in the past, revenge and so on. When we hang on to negative past experiences, we give away our inner powers to people and situations that ‘hurt’ us. We stick on to the decisions we made at the time of the negative experiences. We repeatedly replay such hurtful experiences, and our reactions and behaviours to similar situations become automatic. The information is stored in our subconscious minds. The distortions block us from moving forward, we avoid exploring our inner gifts such as creativity, curiosity, and innovation.

We continue to live in a cycle of negative experiences because of our thoughts and beliefs that influence our feelings and behaviours. We get distanced from our inner selves. Our spiritual lives become limited. We turn into pleasers and stick to social norms for acceptance and approval. Our growth and potentials are limited. The distorted views of ourselves, others, and the world 🌍 impacts our happiness, self-esteem, 🤦‍♀️ confidence, trust, 🙆‍♀️ performance, relationships and more.

Now, explore your current situation to determine aspects that you have imprisoned yourself. This will be a game changer! Question everything to understand their origin.

You can free yourself from yourself. It’s a matter of CHOICE. Get appropriate support to help you through your journey of change!

A quote by @CandiceSwanepoel states that, 'A lack of knowledge creates Fear. Seeking knowledge creates courage'.

🚀PS – if you want to free yourself from yourself, then send me a message let’s have a chat.🚀

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