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Everyone can coach but…

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❓👀 Have you ever wondered why some coaches are more effective than others? 👀❓

Well, people have innate abilities, talents, and skills to coach. We can either coach ourselves and/or others.

In life we experience joy, 🤸‍♀️happiness, 💃and lovely moments 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦. There is little or nothing to complain about such experiences as we desire more.

However, there are uncertainties with a mixture of comfort and pain.

Some experiences are characterised by tensions and difficulties that can push us to unknown territories, provide varieties and choices. The unpleasant experiences trigger our beliefs on decisions we made long ago. This results to the feeling of sorrow, 🙆‍♀️ frustration, 😱 anger, resentment,🤦‍♀️ rejection😰, mistrust, failure 😭 & more.

We pay attention to these experiences as they deprive us of using or even developing our innate talents, abilities, and skills.

We develop fears and beliefs which are stored unconsciously. The fear response is triggered when faced with similar challenging situations or what we perceive to be threatening.

Our thoughts, feelings, and actions are in sync with our fears, and this produces fear results 🤦‍♀️. Surprisingly the results we ‘think’ we want are in opposition to what we get. This is because our consciousness 😱 is controlled by our unconscious states 😱.

Due to fear, we avoid similar situations and develop ways to cope with them; we even choose to give away our inner power to those we consider ‘superior’ and able to ‘make decisions’ for us.

This is where the distinction of coaches comes in.

🚩If you are a coach who distrust yourself, for example, how then do you expect to help another person with trust issues? It would be obvious that you would be able to coach yourself and other people without getting desired outcomes or making significant impact.

Difficult life experiences teach us valuable lessons which prepares us to have human experiences and develop skills towards our life purpose. Training can help us augment our abilities, talents, knowledge and skills.

🚩On the other hand, a person who identifies the root cause and alters their belief around trust can help another person effectively by raising their awareness, perception, and action to overcome their fears around trust. It is highly likely that the coaching process would significantly impact the person being coached to develop a positive perspective of themselves, others, and the world.

The scarcity mindset provokes the thinking that we can coach everyone🌍.

🧨You cannot!🧨

Think of how effective that would be.✔

Coaches, know your strengths and work on your lesser strengths, beliefs, and mindsets. Coaching is your calling and your desire to help people make effective changes in their lives. Be impactful!

💥PS – If fear is holding you back from being the true version of yourself, I would like to have a chat with you. 💥

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