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Daily gratitude is the key to acknowledging and enjoying happiness NOW.

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Some days there are so many things I am grateful about, and they flow without many thoughts to identify them. Other days I feel there is nothing to be grateful about and today is one of those days. 🤷‍♀️ During my journaling this morning, I struggled to identify the things I was grateful about. Then I had some quiet moment of reflection.🤔 I looked deep and noticed that I have been ungrateful because my focus was on one of my unaccomplished goals. I could not belief I had forgotten the numerous blessings 🙎‍♀️such as;

👉 I slept in a warm comfortable bed🛌 ; others have beds that are uncomfortable, and some have no beds;

👉 I have a home 🏠; others are homeless;

👉 I woke up alive 🚶‍♂️; others went to bed last night and slept for eternity;

👉 I am in good health🧘‍♂️; others are in the hospital or lying critically sick at home, on the road site, farms and other places unimaginable while some are dying as you read this article;

👉 As I opened the curtain there was bright sunlight outside🔆 ; others may be experiencing hurricane, storm, horrific weather and catastrophe right now;

👉 As I walked in my back garden, the gentle breeze blew on my exposed head, face, neck, arms and legs 🦵; others are unable to walk for various reasons while others are confined with limited rights;

👉 I went into my greenhouse and admired the plants that looked different from when I saw them last night 🌴; others like to grow plants but due to various reasons, they are unable to;

👉 I know my life purpose and working towards that 😀; others are confused, conflicted, have lost their sense of being, have no life direction and don’t know the reason for being on earth;

👉 the list goes on and on.

Oh my days, I took numerous things for granted. Take a pause from your busy schedule and look deep within you to realise your countless blessings.

I will pause here as I look at my orchid and other flowers🌻💐 , I am admiring them and would go to have closer look and smell them.

💥What are the things that distract you from noticing how blessed you are that you forget to be grateful?💥

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