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Is it help you really want?

You asked for help, yet ‘forget’ to turn up for appointments.

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I have been curious to understand why people take the courage to ask for help and don’t engage. Some give excuses that they ‘forgot’ even when the arrangement was made within 24 hours. I wonder the motive for asking for help in the first place.

I realised that some people ask for financial help, for example, for immediate gratification to solve a particular problem. But then what is the next help they will ask for? They live off other people’s pockets and without learning the necessary skills to make money, become independent, they seem to take upon the 'victim' mentality to become ‘beggars’.

This curiosity let me in search of answers:

☀What causes people to change?☀

👉 It could be Intentional such as weight loss, getting married, personal growth, etc;

👉 Natural reasons such as life experiences;

👉 Significant life events like accident, having children, getting married, loss of family members or friends;

👉 Forced reasons through natural disasters, wars, etc.


🙋‍♀️Why do some people decide to change? 🙋‍♀️

📌 It could be boredom such as being tired of doing the same thing;

📌 Be inspired, for example by a character in a book, movie, speakers, etc;

📌 Frustration, such financial situation, relationship, career, etc;

📌 The pain of not making change is greater than the pain of stepping into the unknown.


🙆‍♀️Why do some people not change?🙆‍♀️

🚩 They are in denial and not ready for change. The wish to change might be from parents, boss, partner, friends, others;

🚩 They don’t feel courageous enough. Doing things differently the first time is scary, fear of stepping into the unknown and uncertainty, etc;

🚩 The environment might be unsupportive, not promoting change and people might feel held back from making changes;

🚩 They don’t feel enough pain yet to change;

🚩 They do not have to courage to let go of what they are holding to.


Ask yourself the reasons why you want to change your current situation. If the reason is external, whereby other people have asked you to change, or you want to proof or please someone, then think and think again. You can succeed to make changes but maintaining it will be for a short while. Whereas the desire to change comes from within, when the pain of uncomfortableness becomes unbearable, and you choose to embrace uncertainties and the unknown with curiosity, innovation, and creativity; your commitment to effect change is stronger and you would want the change to last a lifetime.

💥PS – Do you struggle to commit to making changes to your current situation? Send me a message let’s have a chat.💥

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