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Is knowledge knowing?

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Would you say knowledge 🔰 is a guarantee for personal growth and development?🧍‍♀️🧍‍♂️

Learning starts when we are tiny foetuses on our mother’s wombs to when we are born, through nursery, 👩‍🏫primary, high school👩‍🔧, college👨‍🎨, universities and beyond👨‍🎓. This would logically mean we all have acquired varied knowledge and be at similar stages of our development. However, this is not the case as age does not equate knowledge or knowing. This then discounts the common adage that ‘knowledge itself is power’ if we acquire much of it, and are able to use that on others and things, yet unable to translate into our personal lives.

This got me thinking 🤔 and I agree with the statement that ‘common sense is not common’. One would expect that people who have acquired so much knowledge ought to know certain things that seem to be known by everyone or ‘common’. However, this is not the case as people can be specialists in certain fields and not the other. The more I think, the more questions pop up in my head🤦‍♀️. For instance, why then does the educational systems provide curricula that does not serve us? What are the bases of the curricula when we learn about the world, plants, and many other things, but not ourselves? When eventually we learn about ourselves, what happens that we do not grow and develop?

My search for answers let me to other people’s ideas. For instance, 👉Tony Robbins says that “Knowledge is NOT power. Knowledge is only POTENTIAL power. Action is power”.

👉 King Solomon states that “Knowledge isn’t power, it’s the potential of power.”

👉 Mortal Kombat says “there is no knowledge that is not power”.

From these three great authors, which of them do you resonate with?

I am tempted to go with the idea that when we gather knowledge, it stays in our heads, and nothing happens. When we gather the same information and put into action, then shifts begin to happen within us. With continuous practice, this becomes unconscious and part of us. Our actions or reactions become automatic. The shifts in our belief systems and mindsets then transcends into our knowing.

❓ What is your take on this? ❓

💥 I would appreciate if you have more ideas. 💥

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