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Make a CHOICE to regain your inner POWER!

Source: Kwanfour

You give various reasons not to attend meetings. The times you attend, you sit quietly and laugh when others do. You create a distinction between you and them. You see yourself to be inferior while giving away your powers to those you consider superiors. They make decisions on your behalf.

Whether you attend meetings or not, decisions are made, and it is expected that all members abide by them. Mostly you complain that the decisions were not fair. Imagine if you had the courage to attend and voiced your opinion! That could have influenced the decision. But if it didn’t, you would feel better for not keeping your opinion to yourself. What do you think?

You supress the racing thoughts in your head and hope for the best. This has been ongoing for such a long time that it’s become your ‘normal’. You contradict yourself without realising because it is hard to keep up with the lies you tell yourself.

You know the excuses you give are not the real reasons for avoiding important meetings or expressing your views. Ask yourself WHY you chose this instead. Then ask WHY again, and WHY until you get the answer. You have all the answers within you!

If you cannot remember, then think differently. Are you aware that you have given away your power and this is affecting your wellbeing, performance, and relationships?

You were born with leadership qualities, yet you chose to give it away. Your inner power and leadership are not lost. They are dormant just waiting for you to activate them.

Choose not to settle for less any longer. Regain your inner power and maintain your status as a leader.

💥PS – If you struggle to regain your inner power, then send me a message let’s chat.💥

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