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Not everyone can be helped!

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People have the desire to help, while some want to get help. Their actions and inactions depend on the decisions they make.

As a child I was curious to understand what caused people to get angry and stayed in the negative cycle for a long time. My desire was to help people to be happy. Without knowing how it felt to be and stayed angry for more than two minutes, I helped people from the minimal experience and knowledge I got from reading novels and books.

However, my first experience of getting and staying angry for days, weeks and months was in my mid-20s due to emotional abuse. It felt very uncomfortable,😨 heart-breaking,😭 and disempowering. It felt like punishment. I persisted and hoped for things to get better. I believed that everything happened for a reason. I developed various skills to deal with the numerous challenges that came my way.

The experiences gave me more than enough exposure to the negative feelings, tensions, and unpleasant cycle. I had first-hand experience and understood what it meant by ‘not knowing oneself’. Overtime, I realised that these human experiences were preparing me to live my purpose. I have converted all my experiences into gifts.

Now, I am equipped to be the person I am today. I developed skills to help myself and to effectively help other people suffering emotionally due to losing their self-identity.

🧘‍♂️I can only give what I have; and I attract who I am.🏃‍♀️

People want to help others, and there is the misunderstanding that everyone can be helped. However, people have choices. Some choose to be helped and get the help, whereas others choose not to get help and do nothing about their situation.

Some people are not happy in their current situations; they want immediate change and are unwilling to do the inner work. They use people and situations as excuses not to challenge themselves to become their better version.

People choose to get help and engage to change their situations when they feel ready and committed to do the inner work. People cannot be forced to effect change.

☀PS – If you doubt yourself and need help, then send me a message let’s have a conversation.☀

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