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Why do you focus mainly on the few things you failed at while ignoring many successes?

Source: Wix

When you go through an experience, how do you consider whether it was a success or a failure? There are many interpretations and judgements that can arise from just one experience. This depends on your thought processes. You can think of that experience to be either good or bad. For instance, the experience can be a learning opportunity for growth and improvement OR a challenge to test how ‘dumb’, ‘stupid’, ‘ignorant’ you are. It just depends on the meaning you give to the experience, by how you think.

The biggest mistake you make is that you fail yourself by the stories you allow to run in your mind. These stories eventually become your reality that exists only in your head. Your reality becomes distorted from what it is from other’s and the world.

When you do not accomplish what you hope for, it is damaging and discouraging to focus mainly on what went wrong while ignoring many things that you got right. Rather face new situations or challenges with curiosity, innovation, and creativity and consider them to be opportunities for learning. When you fail, take a step back to reflect on what you did well and what you can improve on. Even when you fail, you will learn from the mistakes you make. Thus, you will avoid the same mistake next time. In a sense, you fail forward, which is progression.

Some practical tips will help you to think on how you deal with failures.

👉Practice to find benefits with past failures. You may be able to enhance this ability to be more resilient the next time you fail.

👉Complete important tasks. They may be stressful. How you choose to approach stress is up to you.

👉Treat yourself kindly when you experience failure.

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