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PART 4/4: How to accept & take responsibilities to be your true self

ENDING THE BLAME GAME: How to accept and relate more to yourself and others

This information could be generalised. The background is from Cameroonians and Africans.

Every man is a King. Every woman is a Queen.

You desire to be treated with respect, dignity, and love. This inspires you to perform above expectations.

However, this is not always the case as there are numerous distractions. Your essence of being is love-based that will never change.

When you reconcile and be in unity with yourself, then you can live with purpose.

You need to be intentional when deciding on the relationship you want with yourself. You have all the answers within you.

To get a desire outcome, use a different approach that you’ve not used before.

Now consider the end of your life in good health, spirit, and mind.

Ask yourself what contribution you want to make to the world.

Work backwards to your current situation.

Then decide the actions you would take to achieve what you want.

Set times for your achievements.

Focus on the WHAT and WHO rather than the HOW to achieve your desired future.

Remember that when you question yourself on HOW, your mind takes you to your past experiences and you will not get you a desired future.

🖐Practice self-acceptance

🖐You are imperfect and weird; that’s okay because that’s what makes us unique, special, and perfect.

🖐Forgive yourself, be compassionate and appreciative.

🖐Recognise your strengths, innate abilities, and talents

🖐Pay attention to your thoughts, what you tell yourself and the words you use.

🖐Learn from negative experiences.

🖐Look for people who inspire you.

🖐Take responsibility when you do something wrong, that’s okay. It’s a learning opportunity.

Set and maintain boundaries.

🖐Know what you can tolerate from others.

🖐Enjoy life and make the world a better place

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