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Persistent Thoughts?

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Why do certain thoughts persistently pop up in your mind?

Source: Wix

Have you identified the thoughts you dread but they continuously come up unexpectedly?

You do not like the feelings and emotions associated to those thoughts. You struggle to find the triggers that may provoke the thoughts, but it seems there is nothing significant?

You may be wondering what is going on!

Well, it may appear these thoughts are random when actually they are NOT.

These are issues that we encountered and have not dealt with them yet.

The function of the mind is to ensure our survival and safety. When we experience a challenging situation and the mind detects that we are not equipped to deal with it, it uses its unconscious strategies to keep us safe. The defence mechanisms vary and includes denial, repression, regression, rationalisation, displacement, sublimation and so on (Psychologytoday).

When the mind notices that the person is equipped with internal resources to deal with ‘that past issue’, then it sends out regular reminders in the form of pop-up thoughts.

These pop-up thoughts will forever be lingering if the issue remains unresolved.

To deal with that thought once and for all,

👉Take a pause to calm yourself to reflect on the thoughts;

👉Find out the triggers;

👉Question yourself to understand the problem;

👉The impact that has on your life;

👉Find out the solutions to the problem.

👉Decide whether it is necessary or not to take action to get a solution and move on in life.

Once you get a solution to the problem and the mind is satisfied, then you would realise that the thoughts would not pop up with the same intensity as it did previously. The feelings and emotions attached to that thought would be milder and may even go unnoticed.

☀PS – Do you have certain thoughts that persistently pop up in your mind and you want to get rid of? Then send me a message, lets chat.☀

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