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Rigid systems!

What is wrong with all these rigid systems?

Source: Kwanfour

My greenhouse is at the bottom of my garden, and it easily floods. I figured out that I can place the planting pots on sturdy plastic crates. I went to the open market where I saw the crates lying randomly. I approached two sellers and explained that I was after crates. They seemed surprised that I asked. They advised me to collect them since they were not used and would be taken for recycling.

As I happily walked around collecting the crates, a staff member approached me. They advised that the crates were being collected for recycling and I was not allowed to take any. I explained why I needed the crates. I thought I was recycling them by re-using them in my garden. I quickly asked what I had to do to get the crates. They directed me to the main office where I explained myself.

I was surprised by the response. ‘‘The crates were being recycled, there were no processes in place to give them out and you cannot get the crates’’. As I looked at this professional, I had a rush of questions in my head, and I decided not to ask. This reminded me of some rigid systems and processes that I experience in my corporate job. I struggle to follow systems and processes as sometimes they are in place but do not serve the right purposes. This results to mere tick boxing exercise rather than meaningful engagement with passion.

I planned out my next move as I smiled genuinely and thanked the professional as I walked out. If I was being observed, the observer could have thought I was permitted to get the crates.

I thought to myself that it is common for systems to be put in place following ‘problems’. When new situations or challenges come up without any solutions, professionals are forced to stick to common solutions or do nothing about them. They avoid raising the issues or make suggestions fearing that they will get into trouble.

Uncomfortable situations may be very difficult or even impossible for individuals or groups of individuals to change. Rather, when we change the way we think, we develop strategies to manage the same situations differently and effectively.

Increased self-awareness helps you to manage daily stresses better!

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