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I worked with an agency that provided healthcare services. I chose to work in mental health settings. It would appear to be ‘coincidence’, probably because shifts were mostly available. In fact, the real reason was because I knew I had a ‘problem’ and was in search for a ‘solution’.

I realised that though individuals fall on a continuum of mental health, I belongs somewhere. Through the process of understanding myself, the misconceptions I had about myself was influenced primarily from my immediate surrounding and the society.

I uncovered a lot about myself. Some of which I had fore knowledge, others I was willing and ready to accept, while it took me a while to accept others. I noticed that I easily felt sad in an environment when somebody was sad, as an example and I could hardly explain why. Finally, I accept ‘me’ for who I am as an introvert, INFP (mediator) according to Meyers Briggs personality test. I fit well into the descriptive characteristics of being creative problem-solvers, curious and imaginative learners. This information gave me lots of reassuring answers that I did not have a ‘problem’, rather I was just ‘different’ especially in this loud and noisy world. I developed ways of dealing with negative energies and I am proud of who I am.

Lack of knowledge about ourselves, increases self-doubt and suffering.

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