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When you avoid, how would you know what’s on the other side?

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Uncertainty can be scary, and you hold back or resist to face new situations that may be strange and unknown. The basis of your decisions is based on past experiences.

First, when the experience was negative, you conditioned your mind to judge similar or new situations to be a threat, thus challenging. You prefer to stay in your ‘comfort zone’ even when they are not comfortable. This drains your energies since you put a lot of pressure on negative expectations.

On the other hand, when the outcome from a previous experience was better, good, or successful, you consider a similar current situation to be an opportunity for learning, growth, and development. You might be open-minded and embrace uncertainties with curiosity, innovation, and creativity.

I experienced work-related stress; my performance dropped, I struggled with my emotional wellbeing. I resisted to listen to my body and persisted to continue working. FEAR of uncertainties and the unknowns was what I resisted. I feared not having money, unpaid bills, no food for my family, becoming homeless, and so on.

You can experience this typical negative cycle in different aspects of your life. You may be used to this or are dealing with it right now or have dealt with it.

I started to intentionally focus on myself. Upon reflection, I realised that in the past 10 years I worked continuously as an employee besides my other life roles as a mother, student, wife, etc. My body had indicated that I needed rest and I had to respect that.

I accepted the new experience of being off sick with an open and curious mindset.

I remembered that I loved gardening, but due to time constraints I was doing it. I started with a planting pot, then two, then three, and it continued until I got two green houses. I planted different vegetables, spices, and flowers. Each day I spent hours watching and looking after my plants. I made several trips to the garden centres. I felt more energised being in my garden. It was lovely to see my plants change hourly, daily, and weekly. I found deep pleasure, satisfaction, happiness, and joy in my gardening.

I have rediscovered other aspects of myself that I had forgotten when I was busy.

You might not like uncertainties; being certain in life is comfortable but your chances for growth are limited. Accept to face uncertainties with an open mind of being curious, creative, and innovative. Even when you fail in a new situation, it is a learning opportunity.

Don’t be cruel to yourself.

🚀PS – Are you struggling to make a decision due to uncertainties or not knowing what is ahead? Are you ready to get help, then send me a message let’s have a chat.🚀

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