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I have observed a common pattern in both my personal and professional life. Over the last few years, the pattern has become increasingly noticeable.

People feel hurt, hide their feelings and emotions, and struggle to express themselves.

If you experience any of these, then you have a narration that plays repeatedly in your head that you are underserving of ‘something’.

Seeing yourself as a deficit or shortage, you accept other people’s perception about your to be real.

You have completely forgotten your true identify.

You experience minimal pleasure and massive pain. The pleasurable experiences that interrupt the long periods of pain misleads you to think that your situation will change by itself. This increases confusion, frustration, and resistance to change.

This pattern can change when you take different actions to get your desired outcomes.

You notice that your behaviours and reactions depend on the situation and environment you find yourself. Your private self is different from your public self. You are not courageous to reconcile these opposing selves.

You are afraid to be judged and choose to stay silent yet hurting. Your desire to be approved and accepted is greater than that of being rejected to be your true self.

Issues at the identity level are unconscious as they manifest in your values, beliefs, and mindset.

Issues at the conscious level are just the symptoms or ‘tip of the iceberg’. Responding to them would only give temporary relief.

Whereas to get lasting relief, get to the root of the issues at the unconscious level by:

👉Questioning yourself on everything about and around you;

👉Be honest when answering the questions;

👉Forgive yourself and others;

👉Be grateful;

👉Accept your imperfections and weirdness;

👉You are made up of body, mind, and spirit – seek for unity with these parts rather than seeing them as disconnected parts of yourself.

💥PS – What pattern(s) do you want to get out of? I would like to have a conversation with you. Find out more & book a FREE coaching call.💥

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