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Embrace Your Uniqueness!

How dare you think ‘I don’t know Who I Am?’

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Well, you list various roles you play in life such as being a brother, sister, child, parent, grandparent, professional, and so on. Yet, I ask the same question because you answered what I never asked. Is it a difficult question to understand? OR, Is it an unusual one?

Some questions seem rhetorical, when in fact, they are not. Since an answered is needed, I will reframe and ask the question slightly different:

What would you do if you knew that nobody would judge you? OR

Who do you admire most, and why? OR

What do you not want anybody else to know about you?

Our identity is not just what one knows, but how we know it. Our identity changes over time. As children, we see things in their simplistic forms. As we grow older, things become increasingly complex as we identity ourselves with other people, places, and things. We tend to focus our attention on what others expect from us and our desires to ‘fit in’. Before we know it, we forget about ourselves, and this interrupts our identity growth.

The process of losing our identity can be gradual over a long period of time or suddenly following a traumatic life event. These create vacuums, and we form beliefs that become problematic to how we see ourselves, others, and how we relate to the world. The results to various problems such as increased anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, loss of self-confidence, anxiety, isolation, chronic loneliness and so on. These affect our abilities to connect with ourselves and other people. We find it difficult to take on appropriate perspectives towards other important life tasks.

I lost my identity a couple of years into my marriage. I had noticed the extent of my unhappiness, self-doubt, low self-worth, and completely lost interest in most things. I chose to remain in my discomfort due to my beliefs and the fear of the unknown.

The biggest mistake I made was that I started my transformation journey all by myself. This took me over a decade as I held on to fear. I became fade up with the mini actions that produced little or no results. I was ready to be me; to step into my power and leadership. I got support from coaches who helped me to challenge my beliefs and develop a growth mindset. In the process, I rediscovered my identity and embraced my uniqueness.

You can achieve such dramatic changes in your life too – if you choose to!

I have developed a purpose-driven program targeted to expose the sources and triggers of fear, strategies to rediscover your identity and much more.


* If you do not have to worry how other people perceive you!

* How you would feel if you know and be authentic to yourself!

** If this sounds like something you want right now to know who you are , then send me a message so we can have a conversation.**

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