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Accomplishments can increase our confidence and motivate us to attain higher heights.

🚩Ask yourself this question: What is your intention for putting much effort to accomplish tasks?

You may be very good at your job and be a good team member. You put in so much energy and focus on what is required to achieve set goals or tasks. Your productivity and high performance are recognised by your organisation and beyond.

Your career is one aspect of your life that you are extremely proud of, and you know you’ve got what it takes to be in that position.

Now consider other aspects of your life such as health, relationship, family, leisure, and others. Some may seem less important than others resulting to them being ignored either intentionally or unintentional.

With your focus mainly on your career, you hardly realise the extent to which your behaviours directly or indirectly affect you, your loved ones and those closed to you.

For instance, your body may signal that it needs rest, and this goes unnoticed since you are busy working hard to meet deadlines and/or complete tasks.

So too, your loved ones may make several attempts to express their feelings to you. Unfortunately, you may be physically present, yet emotionally unavailable. You hear them and not listen to what they tell you.

This goes on for a long time and those you truly care for become fade up trying to share their frustrations with you.

You may only be ‘forced’ to pay attention when the situation gets into crisis, whereby

👉 you blame other people and situations;

👉 you recognise that the crisis could have been avoided, yet you deny taking responsibility; or

👉 you acknowledge that it is time to pay attention to other aspects of your life.

Life is made up of several disintegrated parts and we play several roles. When these parts are treated independently and in isolation of the other, one may feel stuck and unfulfilled.

Whereas being aware that these many parts influence and affect each other, one may pay attention where necessary to bind them to one WHOLE. You will feel more fulfilled, joyful, and happy

We all have judges and blind spots that we cannot see or know. However, another person can help you notice these blind spots that may be holding you back.

This is where I come in as a transformational and mental fitness coach to help you to

✋ identify and recognise your saboteurs in daily life;

✋ develop mental muscles to deal with life’s daily challenges with positive rather than negative mindset.

✋ activate yours innate abilities of Sage powers

You will optimise performance, wellbeing and relationships.

📌PS – How are your saboteurs impacting your life 📌

Do you want to experience my coaching? Then BOOK a FREE session.

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