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Updated: Dec 23, 2021

What noticeable changes have you noticed in the past five years

Source: Wix

Five years ago, I was very quiet and unhappy; feared to make decisions or take actions in case things went wrong; fear to get blamed and what others thought of me; only my pillow knew the night-time rains; I lived in fear of the unknown and scarcity; being ignored was regularly; communication was almost non-existent; whether I spoke or stayed quiet I got in trouble either way; I needed approval that I never got; and the list goes on and on. My pain was unbearable, I had no ‘comfort zone’ as everywhere was ‘uncomfortable’.

I am sure some of you are fully aware of such experiences and probably are going through it.

I was determined to change my situation around. For many years, I had forgotten the person I carried around in my body and I had to find her first. I was READY, WILLING and COMMITTED for whatever was ahead of me.

The transformation process was scary when I realised that I had to take the decisions and follow through by myself. I had no destination and there were lots of uncertainties and the unknowns. HOPE was all I got, and I learned to SURRENDER to my God. I realised that as much as I wanted to stay in control of things within me, I could not actually CONTROL most of them as there are greater powers outside of me. I took tiny steps, one after the other. Gradually and surely, I realised that I could be happy. Though happiness comes from within, at the time it was clouded by negativity. My new feeling of happiness seemed strange, yet it was familiar because I had experienced happiness for several years before the spell of unhappy.

Today I am a happy woman, full of confidence, I take decisions without fear, I know who I am and love the person in my body and much more.

If I can successfully transform life, then you too can do it. The only thing stopping you from achieving what you want is YOURSELF.

The start is always the hardest, and that’s where you need support.

To find out the strategies I used, send me a message and we will have a conversation.

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