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Management Styles

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Source: Wix

We exercise and experience management in different circumstances, such as being a mother, father, friend, employer, employee, child, etc.

There are different management styles including:

1) Authoritative:

These managers follow a top-down approach to leading. These managers make decisions almost entirely alone.

2) Consultative:

These managers ask employees for feedback consistently and take employee concerns seriously.

3) Democratic or participative:

These managers’ decision-making processes are heavily influenced by their employees.

4) Laissez-faire or delegative:

These managers are more like mentors than leaders.

5) Persuasive:

These managers hold control of decision making but they work to help employees understand why the decisions made by management are best for the company.

6) Collaborative:

These managers work closely with their team, she has a level of emotional intelligence, promotes team collaboration, supports team members both at personal and professional levels to maximise their performance.

As an EMPLOYEE: What management styles have you experienced? What is your preferred style? What are the pros and cons?

As an EMPLOYER: What management styles do you use? Have you evaluate on how it impacts on your relationship with your employees and the outcome? What have you noticed about your dominant management style?

What are other management styles you use and in what circumstances?

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