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We are One made of Love

Growing up in a Christian family and community, I heard statements such as ‘what goes around comes around’, ‘do to others what you want them to do unto you’, ‘be good to others’, ‘give and expect nothing in return’ and much more.

There was a Church Hymn or song I really like, and it is titled ‘Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me. When I was hungry you gave me to eat…’.

I took most of these statements for their literal meanings. I did not understand the deeper meaning.

In the summer of 2021, I experienced stress and work burnout characterised with mental fatigue, confusion, sleep disturbance, under performance at work and more. It was an experience I would never want to go through again. I noticed that I resisted change. During my recovery I decided to SURRENDER to my God, Creator, Universe, the Source, Love.

In my search to know who truly I am, I read, listened, and watched whatever appealed to me. One day I came across the universal laws mentioned by James Redfield. The First Universal Law called the Law of Oneness or the Law of Divine Oneness states that everything and everyone is connected with everything and everyone else and therefore we ourselves with everything else too is expressed in different ways. Some call it Love, Universal Consciousness, also called Energy and sometimes Light. This interconnectedness means that the world does not consist of separate things. We human beings separate from each other or from the world around us, or from nature, the plants, and the animals, or from seemingly non-living matter either.

Understanding this law completely changed the way I look at myself, others, things, and the world (in a positive way).

I thought that if I am connected to everyone and everything, then I do not have to keep grudges, resent, blame others because I would basically be doing that to myself. It took a lot of mental energy to accept this ‘truth’. I decided to let go of the things I clued myself onto that were not serving my higher purpose, as they pulled me away from my true self that is love. I shifted my beliefs and mindset.

Now, I take conscious decisions not to dwell in negativity. I address them as they arise and stick to my truth. Before I respond, I ask myself

🚩‘is that really me?’, meaning am I speaking my truth

🚩‘how would I feel if that was done or said to me’

🚩‘Is the response necessary at the time?’

If I hesitate on any of the above questions, then I would review my thoughts and response. I would give a response that would be my truth and in bringing the best in the other person.

📌Do you want to be true to yourself but fear what others would say?📌

💥We can help you. 💥

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