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What triggers you to judge people ?

Judging people can be very common. Psychologists talk of 'categorisation' and this is linked to our survival instinct. They also talk of the limited capacity of information we can immediately access from our memory. So judging helps to quicken the process of decision making.

We notice certain behaviours of other people especially those we do not like and we easily get irritated. Those behaviours reflect parts of us that we have not healed or ready to deal with. Some people call it the 'shadow', 'dark side' ...

When next you find yourself judging others, take a pause, and question yourself to understand the intentions behind it.

Instead of judging and blaming other people, look within you for answers.

Keep an open mind. Question yourself and what comes up for you, deal with it or look for alternatives.

Time is Precious.

Use your energy wisely.

Remember that TIME lost cannot be recovered.

PS - How does judging others impact your life? Message me lets have a chat on this.

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