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Updated: Dec 23, 2021

How is your environment when constructing something?

Source: Wix

The environment can be messy, very messy. You may be tempted to avoid that area as much effort would be needed to clean up the mess.

It can get worst when outsiders discourage you by being judgemental as they focus mainly on the mess. You may share your dreams with others who think your plans cannot be achieved. They call you names such as the dreamer or the optimist.

You are the constructor of your life. The challenges and messy situations give you invaluable life experiences and lessons to mould you into a better version of yourself. You develop skills to deal with life challenges better and to live purposefully.

You and you alone know your dreams, plans and what to focused on. Don’t give up on your dreams because when you STOP, you stop others from achieving their dreams. You are impactful and take actions no matter what.

In addition to what you do, add these to your list:

🚩 lay a good foundation,

🚩 make useful connections,

🚩 engage in supportive communities,

🚩 be intentional in your actions,

🚩 focus on your inner power,

🚩 keep those plans to yourself while working on them,

🚩 be kind to yourself…

What mess are you holding on to in your life?

PS: If you need support to deal with life’s challenges, I am here to help.

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